About Us

We are the major distributor of Green World products in Gambia and the West Coast.

The Green World health products have been extensively utilized for the treatment of multiple diseases since their introduction. Their application has been extended to about 120  diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, rickets, cardiac diseases ,hyperglycemia, dermatitis, sexual malfunction, and arthritis. Testimonies and reports have shown that the effectiveness of the products are satisfactory.

Through our own research conducted internationally we have learned that there is a major movement toward the increased utilization of herbal supplements to improve physical health and quality of life. We supply a wide range of superior award winning nutritional herbal supplements made out of 100% herbal ingredients for the preventive and curative treatments of various health issues, we are especially pleased that our products offer solutions to these challenges.

The Green World USA is a transnational group of companies engaging itself in scientific research and development, manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, herbal medicine and herbal cosmetics of systems-oriented nature with its head-quarters based in Michigan of the United States of America and manufacturing facilities in South Carolina. It is registered and accredited by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of USA.

Then, Dr. Deming Li, the founder of the Green World was determined to take the herbal systems especially the traditional Chinese herbal system and the outcome of her scientific research and to introduce these wonderful herbal treasures to everyone, everywhere in the world.

 With this in mind, she invested significantly setting up the Green World’s new health products manufacturing facility and Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) center in Tianjin, the largest coastal opening Ocean in consideration of the fact that China is becoming an up-surging economic power and most importantly, China is the soil which nurtured and contributed the treasure of Chinese medicine to the whole world.

 In 2004, the World (Tianjin) Nutrition and Health Products Co., Ltd. was formed and now the Green World is extending its business to medical equipment, herbal cultivation, international trade, investment and capital operation and advertisement, etc.  it is a well-organized organization with over 50 subsidiary companies all over the world run by highly professional management team and 8 scientific research institutes and centers both in the United States and China with the prestigious world-level scientist and  research   fellows on board.

The Gambia has joined a host of countries around the world reaping the benefits of life changing opportunities since 2011.  Green World has brought to   the doorsteps of people in The Gambia the secret of how to live a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. “We know that the food and drink we ingest daily   coupled with environmental pollution contain toxins and inadequate enzymes and nutrients that contribute to the steady decline in life expectancy” by   Dr Gibril Ahmed Jassy.

 Nutritional food supplement are needed today more than ever before, it’s time to switch to Green World herbal products to enable you to overcome health challenging   issues, complication and boost your immunities.  Every one of us suffers from Enervation, Fating and Toxemia, Aging etc. to some extent and this is an integral part of   life thus we experience some of the followings; cramps, join pain, weight problem, stress, frequent colds and sore mouth.  Dizziness, fatigue, lack of appetite, digestion   problems, deteriorating health conditions, etc.