Case: Overweight
Contributed by:  Tatiana Grigoritsa

I was overweight for a long time. I took some measures to control my body out that my age could probably be the reason, after all I’m 54. In fact there are many causes that result in failure of weight loss.
I’m also one of the beneficiaries of Green World Slimming Capsule. I also followed (Marianne Roler) weight loss program when using the Slimming Capsule. Within 4 weeks I have lost 6 kilograms and my waist circumference has reduced 8 centimeters.

It was a great triumph to me. I’m glad about the result. I know I need to keep on taking this product and lose a bit more while keeping myself strong and fit.

Once again thanks, (Marianne), for your support and your kindness to all of us.


Case:   Prostate Enlargement with Urinary Retention
Contributed by: Mr Rafael Odongo
Age: 61
Nationality: Kenyan
Contact number:  +234712065104
My health problem started in 2011 when I felt difficult to urinate.  A test was done on 26th June 2011 and the doctor found nothing seriously wrong on me. I was given some drugs to be taken back home. On 30th January 2012 I was admitted to a different hospital called Ram in the town of Kisli due to inability to urinate.
This time two major physical examinations were done.
1 X-ray of the lumber spine and pelvic
2 Prostatic specific antigen
I was diagnosed having an enlarged prostrate gland and a catheter was inserted into my bladder to help lead the urine out of it.  I was sent back home again.  I was required to visit the hospital every two weeks to have the catheter change to prevent infection.
Shortly after this I left numbness all over my body.  I was introduced to Mishael of Green World in June 2012 and was found to have malfunctioning Kidneys in addition to the prostrate enlargement due to long-term urinary retention.  My numbness was caused by kidney dysfunction.
I was given some Green World products such as B-Carotene and Lycopene Capsule, Chitosan Capsule, Prostasure Capsule, A-Power Capsule, and Ginseng  RHs Capsule .
Within two months when I went back to the hospital for my fortnight catheter change I was told by the doctor that I did not need to have the catheter anymore because my condition had drastically improved and I was able to pass urine normally.


Case: Hypertension, Diabetes with Complications
Contributed by:  Mr Elder Esu Offiong Ekong
Age: 69
Nationality:  Nigeria
Contact Number: 2348033360590

I am a 69 year old businessman of Nigeria. I suffered from hypertension, diabetes and partial blindness as the complications of diabetes. My blood pressure went as high as 202/110 mmHg. I have been using antihypertensive and glucose lowering drugs for 5 years. Still my fasting blood sugar level was fluctuating between 13.8 mmol/L to 15.6 mmol/L. (please see the attached Fasting Blood Sugar report)
I felt exhausted and staggered whenever I walked. Sometimes I felt so inside me as if my breath was going to stop. I was very lean and obviously lacked vitality.
I came to know about Green World since 2014. Because my health problems were quite complicated so I was given Glucoblock Capsule, Balsam Pear Tea, Balsam Pear Tablet, Meal Cellulose Tablet, and Chitosan Capsule to control my blood sugar level. I also took Danshen Combo Capsule, Deep Sea Fish Oil Softgel, Garlic Softgel and Compound Co-Q10 Capsule to regulate my blood lipid level and protect my heart and blood vessels. As for my partial blindness I was given Ginkgo Biloba Capsule to improve the blood circulation. I also added Protein Powder for building my immune system.
After taking Green World products for 5 months, I no longer staggered when walking. This was the biggest reward to my health ever. After taking Green World products for one year I have regained my strength. I feel there is enough life energy inside me. I am no longer as lean as the letter ‘’I’’ Now my fasting blood sugar level has dropped to 8.3 mmol/L. though it is still higher than the normal level, such improvement is really beyond my expectation. My blood pressure level has also lowered to 140/80 mmHg now. To my greatest delight, I have started seeing from the eye whose vision was impaired though  I am still using the drops.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank Green World for giving back health to me, which I treasure so much. I wish this company will continue to make people healthier.


Case: Hyperplasia of mammary glands, per-menstrualv syndrome
Contributed by: Mrs. Anna nelson
Nationality: Tanzanian
Contact number:  +255 754927761

My menophania started at the age of thirteen. The few days before my periods were the most torturing time for me. I had tender breasts and at the age of 21 I was found to have a lump in my breast. I was given a mammogram. Fortunately the result was negative. The lump in my breast was benign tumor.
One of my friends recommended Green World products to me. I tried the breast care tea and lecithin softgel in June 2014. The following month before the period my breast tenderness became less severe and the lump became smaller.
I was very happy so after I finished the products didn’t continue the second course. Six months later my breast tenderness came back again immediately I started using Green World products. From January 2015 till now I never stopped taking those products.
My irregular menstruation has improved. The breast tenderness before menstruation has greatly alleviated. Recently was recommended vitamin E softgel. After taking it for two months I feel my skin becomes silky soft. It seems that hormones are working perfectly for me.

Thanks, Green World.